UX/UI Designer from
New York

I've always been interested in tech and design, when I found UX/UI I felt like I really met my calling. Learning about experts who paved the field like Don Norman and David Kelley really helped me understand on a visceral level the amount of effort and devotion that goes into great design.

One of the most important lessons I've learned from these industry pioneers is that in day-to-day design work it's easy to get caught up in deliverables, deadlines, paperwork, office politics and ALL of the many non-design tasks that are associated with our job titles. In this pile of work it's vital not to lose sight of the most important task; advocating for the humans that use our products.

“If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of Giants”
-Isaac Newton
Most of my friends would probably describe me as a "futurist,” I'm constantly talking about technical breakthroughs and what the world will look like in a decade. I talk about the future so much because I think that we're living in the midst of a new industrial revolution, I want to take part in building the new systems that will improve peoples lives for generations to come. It's a really exciting time to be alive considering that true AI, transhumanism, cures for cancer, interplanetary migrations, and even the metaverse are all very real things that we could see in our lifetime.

I would describe myself as a "builder", since a young age I've always loved creating things, my favorite toys were things I could build or take apart like Legos and Lincoln Logs. I got into coding at the age of 11 when I started my first business, mining gold on World of Warcraft with bots that I coded and selling it to companies in China.

I think that my love for building things transitioned into a love for business when I heard Mark Zuckerberg say something along the lines of "companies are how inventors bring the value their inventions create to the global stage.". I got my first job at a startup in the solar industry a few years after hearing this.

When I was there I worked my way from canvasser to opening a new office for the company within a year. In my time at this job I decided to hone my skills so that I could one day start my own company. I took online certificate programs from UC Berkeley, Yale and other top universities, and I spent countless days learning new things about how the top companies operate. When I finally discovered the field of human centered design I fell in love. I felt like I had discovered the secret. These great products that I had considered almost alien in their ingenuity and ease of use were decoded for me; it was simple. Don Norman and David Kelley echoed to me a message I heard years earlier from a philosopher I admired. Their simple message of love for the people who use your products really struck a chord with me, I found where I could fit into this vision I had of working at a top company and deploying amazing inventions to the world.
"It's all about love...
making someone else's existence just a little easier...
nothing else matters."
-Terrence McKenna

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